Эльбрус. Победа - 70

Application The ascent of Elbrus. Victory-70

If you
- would like to get acquainted with the history of WW2 and fights for Elbrus
- honor the memory of soldiers, who died during WW2
- would like to show your respect for soldiers' accomplishments
- would like to commemorate Victory in WW2 1941-1945
- would like to ascend Elbrus and place on its top a banner of Victory
- physically fit

We invite you to take part in a project and ascend the highest mountain of Russia and Europe - Elbrus
12 - 20 September 2015, North-Caucasian federal district

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Name Surname (like in passport) *

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Web-site of the organization, links to social networks (including personal) *

In which projects implemented by "Sodruzhestvo" have you taken part? *

Which equipment from described below do you possess? *
jacket and trousers (waterproof)
thermo underwear
mountaineering backpack (60-65 liters)
alpine boots
fasteners for shoes (cats)
ice ax
trekking poles
windproof mask
sport shoes
flashlight, knife
sunscreen, chapstick

Do you require flight tickets? (for Russian citizens travel costs are not covered *

Do you follow a special diet *

Do you have any intolerance for particular food? *

Do you have any medical contraindications? *

Do you have an opportunity to pay a participation fee of 10 000 rubles (20% of a full fee for 1 person) *
Yes, I am ready to pay 10 000 rubles
Yes, I am ready to pay, but less than 10 000 rubles
No, I can only participate for free
I am ready to cover full fee

I agree to my personal data being processed by an organizer "Sodruzhestvo" *

Why is it important for you o ascend Elbrus? *



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